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25 February 2023

A conference about Bruckner was planned for March, 16th. Unfortunately, we have to cancel it. Our lecturer, who lives in the provinces of France, preferred to cancel this date and to postpone it to June, 15th — due to the uncertainty of transportation these days.

Admittedly, this is not the first date we have cancelled but, please believe us, we are sincerely sorry for these unforeseen difficulties.

We look forward to seeing you on June,15th.

11 February 2023

What’s so special about this concert in Berlin on 13 February 1942, the programme for which the SWF presents here in pdf?

Certainly it was not part of the series of ten annual subscription concerts; it was organized for the benefit of the charity Aid for Elderly Artists. But it gave rise to a public scandal which provoked some polemical reactions in the newspapers and required clarification from the Intendant of the Philharmonic and from Furtwängler himself.

To learn more about this high point (?!) in Berlin’s cultural life, read the article accompanying the programme.

Chair from the old Philharmonic Hall, Berlin