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29 April 2022

The SWF is reviving what had become its custom, though latterly somewhat neglected: a download of a concert programme in pdf.

We resume this practice on a grand scale, presenting not a programme of a single concert, but that of a festival in which Furtwängler played the major part: the festivities in Vienna marking the centenary of the birth of Brahms. Organized jointly by the Brahms Society (Germany) and the Society of Friends of Music (Austria), under the aegis of the presidents of the two states, its impact was felt far beyond its Viennese context. And also for political reasons: some of the artists presented could no longer appear on a Reich poster, and many commentators did not hesitate to compare this celebration to those presented in Germany.

To download the programme

5 April 2022

Dear members,

Some time ago, you responded to tour consultation with SWF members. Be thanked for it.

Circumstances have forced us to delay the feedback to your answers. We would like to meet with you on Saturday May 21, 2022 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

In order to plan this meeting properly (size of the room to be rented), could you tell us if you will be able to attend this meeting?

We are waiting for your answers until April 15.

The Executive Board