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14 July 2022

We recently uploaded the 40th programme —  we mean the 40th PDF file of a printed booklet accompanying a concert. And we have some more in store, which will be published in the future.

Through publications on specialized sites or — notably online — sales, we have also been able to recover many ‘programme pages’, we mean the page — and only this page — of the original programme with the details of the concert, or a flyer. Our site already had quite a few (almost 150!). We add about twenty more today — details below:

BPO 31/10/1921 — BPO 12/12/1921 — Gewandhaus 6/03/1923 — BPO 16/03/1928 — BPO 10/03/1931 — BPO 30/03/1931 — BPO 14/04/1934 — BPO 11/12/1938 — VPO 23/11/1941 — VPO 29/03/1942 — VPO 7/11/1943 — VPO 19/12/1943 — Hamburg 9/06/1947 — VPO 29/11/1947 — BPO 8/06/1950 — BPO 12/06/1950 — VPO 17/09/1950 — Salzburg 7/08/1951 — Salzburg 19/08/1951 — BPO 6/05/1952 — BPO 18/01/1953

We wish you happy holidays. See you again at the end of August.

7 July 2022

In 1942, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is sixty years old. In the midst of WW2, it is obviously unthinkable that the event could be celebrated as the fiftieth anniversary had been.

At least the orchestra publishes a small brochure at the return from the summer holidays; very interesting with hindsight, as its writing reflects the highlights and taboos of the moment.

Click here to read this brochure.

This eighty-year-old document had been acquired at the time by Marie-Luise Lüdeling, music teacher in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Thank you, Madam.