Viennese … yet not quite Viennese

What do the three composers in the Vienna Philharmonic’s programme of 18, 19 and 20 December 1948 have in common? They are all Viennese, and yet not truly Viennese. Joseph Marx was from Graz but was Viennese by adoption, as was the Hamburg-born Brahms, while Richard Strauss divided his time between Garmisch in Bavaria and Vienna.

But this programme raises another interesting detail. Furtwängler accompanied many soloists throughout his career — pianists, violinists, cellists — but rarely wind instruments. Here, however, we have an exception: an oboe is in the spotlight at this concert, and it’s that of Hans Kamesch.

The programme is available here and from the “Get the programme” page.


The Eroica in high définition!

Our CD SWF 163, with the exceptional Eroica of 8 December 1952 (BPO, Berlin) is out of stock. As we have already explained several times, it is out of the question to reissue such a CD, notably for economic reasons. On the other hand, we offer it to our members as a download in high definition (24/96). Such a product, with its enhanced sound value, could even interest those who already have the CD. The programme has been slightly modified: the digital pack includes the Eroica and the Overture to Der Freischütz from the same concert. It also includes digital sleeve-notes (in both English and French) with the text of Sami Habra, the list of the Eroicas conducted by Furtwängler and the list of the musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic of the time.

This new digital product — the second, after the Ninth of 1942 — bears the reference SWF D02, and will be available for downloading at the price of 8€ on 30 August next.