As of June, the 1st 2017, the one year length of the membership does not coincide with the civic year anymore, but begins instead on the day the membership is acquired or renewed.

Thus, if you acquired your membership on October, the 15th 2023, it will last until October, the 14th 2024.

The amount of the annuel fee:

  • donor member : 40 €
  • member : 20 €
  • “junior” (under the age of 26) : 10 €

Online registration and payment

To register, you can create a MEMBER account online on THIS PAGE

Registration and payment by post

OR for the members who live in France you can send your check by post as before. A warm thank you for filling the registration form, to be downloaded below, and your sending it by post, along with your check to the « Société Wilhelm Furtwängler », to:

Société Wilhelm Furtwängler
c/o Felix Matus-Echaiz
86, impasse de Pissefontaine
78955 Carrières-sous-Poissy

For members living in other countries, payment can be made by wire tranfer in Euros, to the following account:
IBAN : FR76 3006 6107 4100 0104 5510 105