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30 October 2020

Dear members,

The announcement of a new lockdown forces us to postpone, sine die, our EGM.

We will tell to you in good time the new date.

While waiting for better days, may Wilhelm Furtwängler help you through this difficult period.

28 October 2020

Dear members,

An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on

Saturday, November 14th 2020 at 15:00

Paroisse St Pierre
Salle Sainte-Élisabeth
90bis, avenue du Roule
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

It will aim to:
1) Submit to you new statute (here attached, in French).
2) If approved, to elect a new governing body for the SWF.

You may have questions about the need for a change of statute.

Here I answer, as president. It has been observed that a double governing body, Comité Directeur + Bureau, has shown its limits. The new statute, among other matters, aims to establish one single governing with few members.

Furthermore, during the EGM, we will have a conversation about what members think about it.

If you cannot attend the EGM on November 14, please let us know and give a proxy to any member of the SWF to express your opinion on your behalf.

To attend the EGM or give a proxy, it is mandatory to be up to date with your subscription.

Please find here attached the invitation, the document to designate a proxy and the draft of the new statute (click here, documents in French).

With kind regards,

Félix Matus-Echaiz
President of the SWF