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Invitations and Minutes

The SWF was born on 25 January 1969, with the initial goal of publishing the RAI edition of the « Ring ». The goal has rapidly grown with:

The publication of LPs The publication of LPs; then, as of 1988, the publication of CDs. There are a few key publications which deserve specific attention: for instance, the October 1951 concert in Hamburg, or the Paris concert in 1954. We are planning to give access to our publications via downloading soon. [Access to our online store]

The lectures: Sami Habra has for many years been giving lectures, highlighting the greatness of the interpretations Furtwängler gave of famous scores.

Publication of studies related to Furtwängler’s activities: Furtwängler in France, In Italy, In Switzerland, in Lübeck, through his correspondence, through testimonies… [the studies]

Chamber music concerts organized by the SWF since 1989, on its own or as a co-production. A few of those concerts will long be remembered, such as the very first one in 1989, with the French premiere of Furtwängler’s Sonata No 2 for violin and piano, or such as the concert uniting the principals of the Orchestre Philarmonique du Luxembourg. [the concerts]

— without delay, but taking its time, the SWF has engaged in the digital turn. The website, with its multiple sections and the wealth of its documentation — with rare copies — reflects this momentum. One can find the newsletters, always a link between the Society and its membership. [SWF Newsletters]

The SWF, having to cope with those innovative developments and the growing breadth of its activities, has nevertheless managed to keep the raise of the membership fee at a low level, staying thus moderate with respect to the services offered to the members.