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30 August 2019

Work on the future product for downloading is almost complete. The studio Art et Son has cleaned the files from Swedish Radio: some slight but acceptable background noise, a number of ‘clicks’, some very audible that had to be removed ‘by hand’, a well balanced sound in the spectrum (just some sunlight lacking in the higher register) and a generous dynamic.

At the same time the sleeve notes are currently being prepared (and translated):
– the text drawn up by the late lamented Lee Schipper for the original LP edition of more than thirty years ago,
– some press cuttings of the time,
– the list of the Philharmoniker in 1943.

So the baby is looking good! Here is a sound snippet to whet your appetite


Release date: early October.

24 August 2019

On 19 October next the concert the SWF is organising to mark its fiftieth anniversary will be held in the Salle Cortot, Paris.

Do we really know this historic place? Not so sure! Here is a little study for some more info about it.


18 August 2019

Here we are in mid-August and it is back to work, preparing what is going to happen in two months’ time, on 19 October.

On that day the SWF will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. The general assembly will be followed by a concert, and behind it all will be the release of a new product for downloading. In two week’s time, you will see a modified title banner at the top of the page: it will refer you to all the details of these events.

So don’t wait, mark the 19 October in your diary!