Stalls, row 12, seat 3

The holder of this ticket attended a concert which remained somewhat overlooked during Furtwängler's career.

At the end of December 1950, Furtwängler directed a series of three Beethoven Ninths in Berlin, which have faded from memory, probably because they were not recorded — eight others were taped between 1947 and 1954!

For the researcher, it presents several curious details:
– these were the only Ninths given in the Titania-Palast; no doubt it was necessary to enlarge the stage, where the orchestra alone was already cramped,
– it was one of the few times that Furtwängler engaged the choir of St Hedwig’s Cathedral,
– and it was the only time he conducted the wonderful soprano Elfriede Trötschel, who sadly died, still young, only a few years later.

To ensure it of a place of distinction in our archives, here is the facsimile.

5 February 2020

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