Last July we announced the release of the Furtwängler/DG box-set, which included all the recordings produced by the group over the previous decades, not forgetting the Polydor of pre-war days, Decca, and also the radio recordings (Berlin, Cairo, Vienna, etc.) all released for many years with the yellow label.

This meant therefore the duplication of some recordings of the Berliner Philharmoniker (1939-1945 archives).

We should rejoice in such an accumulation, yet, alas, DG was content merely to make compilations of the earlier various releases, without undertaking the real editorial work of remastering. What appeared to be welcome some thirty of forty years ago is no longer to be regarded as such in view of current practice.

This is a pity: a missed opportunity. There remains the practicality that at least we have everything at an advantageous price.

Let us hope that Warner will be able to draw the logical conclusion if the group is to be gracious enough to offer us a complete collection!

Here is the link to the comprehensive article of Maciej Chizynski on the site Resmusica

17 February 2020

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