Conclusions of the member consultation

On Saturday May 21, 2022, members of the Board and members of the SWF met informally to discuss the the conclusions of the consultation of the members of the SWF.

Although few in number (17 answers, approximately 7% of the members), the answers received were very interesting.

The six main themes that emerged from the survey are:

1. Conferences

Conferences is a strong request. The 2022-2023 season is therefore to be prepared, with 5 or 6 evenings. If you would like to host one, do not hesitate to contact us.

Desired topics are: WF and Berlioz, WF opera conductor, WF accompanist. Georges Zeisel proposes a conference on WF and the violinist Bronislaw Huberman. Christian Lemaire proposes an evening around Lauritz Melchior.

A relocation of the conferences in the provinces is requested by members but to do this, it would be necessary that, on the spot, someone manages the logistics: finding the room, advertising, etc.

A broadcast by Zoom (or other) of the conferences could be considered. The problem of sound quality and other technical aspects remains to be seen. One of our members could help us on these subjects.

2. SWF Editorial Policy

The download policy is not called into question. However, on-demand engravings should be made possible.

Exceptional CD editions could be considered, in a richly documented and illustrated edition (Ex: Wagner in London in the 1930s). Such a project requires economic viability. A subscription is therefore necessary, which could be done in collaboration with the other WF societies.

The downloading of our exhausted references will go on.

A project to put a French music program online is proposed. Debussy : Nuages, Fêtes / Ravel : Rhapsodie Espagnole. 

3. Collaborations with other associations (outside Furtwängler societies)

Some members wish to collaborate with the Richard Wagner Society or the Beethoven Society, for example. It would be necessary to see in what framework these collaborations could be made.

4. General Assemblies

The possibility of a retransmission of our GA via Zoom (or other) has been requested by members. The technical aspect (large screen, etc.) is to be considered. One of our members offers to give the SWF an overhead projector.

5. How to attract a younger audience?

Important subject but not easy to answer. Are young people interested in the CD or the download? Could a Facebook (or other) page be a lead?

6. Organization of concerts with works by Furtwängler

One of our members told us about the violinist Jean-Luc Richardoz who particularly likes WF sonatas. In which context to organize a concert? For the next ordinary general meeting? Beforehand, we will contact Mr. Richardoz.

Next ordinary general meeting

It will take place on Saturday November 26, 2022.

The members present expressed their satisfaction with this informal meeting.

30 May 2022

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