Consultation with SWF members

Dear members,

The SWF has decided to launch a consultation with all of its members.

The purpose of this is to allow you to express yourself on your expectations, requests, wishes, so that the SWF reflects your aspirations.

To allow you to express yourself freely on all subjects, there is no precise questionnaire. You can write your text in French, English, Spanish, German, etc.

The deadline for sending your responses has been set for January 8, 2022. Once the responses received, they will be studied by the Executive Board which will make a summary and set an action plan that will be presented to you at a meeting that will take place between the end of January and the beginning of February.

While waiting to read and meet you, we wish you a happy end of year.

The Executive Board

PS: You can contact us by email:
or by mail:
Société Wilhelm Furtwängler
c / o Félix Matus-Echaiz
86, Impasse de Pissefontaine
78955 Carrières-sous-Poissy

November 15, 2021

15 November 2021

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