Soon in English!

In a previous statement, we were happy to announce the good results obtained during the first six months of our new website. However, the site was sorely missing an English version. It was no omission, but rather something that required more time than anticipated.

We are happy to announce that this English version will be made available during January, 2018.


The main functions of the website will be translated in a first stage, complete with headers and the latest news. We intend to complete it in due time with chosen studies, on a case by case basis.

However, we do not plan to translate the list of the concerts and the discography, which refer to quasi international standards—places, works, orchestras, etc.

Cette actualité s’adresse avant tout à nos amis anglophones. Nous annonçons pour courant janvier la version anglaise du site.

17 décembre 2017

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