Viennese delights

We had no visual records of Furtwängler’s concerts with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The void is now filled with two photos: the Saint Matthew of 16 and 17 April 1935 and Haydn’s Creation of 7 and 8 December 1937. On the other hand, there are no sound documents other than of the Deutsches Requiem of 1951...

And, so no-one is jealous, we have added two photos of the concerts of 11 and 12 February 1939, of the Philharmonic this time; and, notably, the only photo, as far as we know, of Furtwängler accompanying Wolfgang Schneiderhan (Beethoven’s Romance No 2).

These photos can be viewed — by members — simply by clicking above on the corresponding concerts.

24 May 2018

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