A candle and a riddle

The new SWF website has now been operational for a year, a year we have untiringly and regularly filled with new elements.

To mark the occasion the SWF proposes a little competition in the form of a riddle based on this photo: who is at the piano? and what are they playing?

To get you going, let’s say we are in Vienna… but you probably know that already! The concerts list on this homepage (below) might help you.

The first person to solve the riddle will receive two albums, free of charge, to be chosen from among the following:
- SWF 961-2 Lucerne
- SWF 963 Bruckner n° 6
- SWF 901 Beethoven n° 6
- SWF 902 Brahms/Franck
- SWF 101 Beethoven-Brahms 1943
- WF-GFJ 081-4 Meistersinger

... or a free one year membership if you are not yet a SWF member.

Answers to site@furtwangler.fr before 6 June.

31 May 2018

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