The Right Choice

Since our newsletters are now available in both French and English, it is only fair that the email addressed to you at the beginning of each month (the 2nd to be precise), giving you the news from the preceding month, should appear with a link to the appropriate version of the website.

In order to be able to do this, we have returned to the mailing list of our members  and have by default applied the following rule:
- link to the French version: members in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada,
- link to the English version: the rest of the world.
We realise that there is, however, the risk of an error or misdirection.

Because of this you can modify this choice yourself if you wish to: simply go to ‘Mon Profil/My Profile’ in the upper right corner of the screen and modify ‘Langue/Language’.

For new members the choice should be made upon inscription.

28 April 2018

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