As we announced a few weeks ago, all systems are now go for downloading! From 1 May the first digital ‘pack’ — Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Berlin 1942 — will be available on our site, and you can download it for 8 €.

Need we say we have high hopes for this first project? We have carefully prepared the contents — plenty of pdf files to accompany the audio —, and we hope a lot of you will want to take full advantage of it.

In view of the many requests for a ‘physical’ product, we shall see about engraving a small number of CDs along with printed documentation. Please note, however, that this would be a derivative product that cannot rival the digital original.

We hope everyone will realize that this step is a crucial stage in our development, entailing an even more radical change than that caused by the move to CDs some thirty years ago. Above all, it promises many more great things to come!

25 April 2018

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