The one hundredth and a competition

This news item is the one hundredth posted since the inauguration of this new site a year and a half ago.

These articles have enabled us to announce to you: 7 releases of recordings, French (SWF) or Japanese, on disc or through downloading, 20 programme facsimiles, a dozen or so studies, 5 lectures, and lots of other news items.

Since recently, you have been able to add your own comments.

​How about a little competition to celebrate this? Who is this singer and what role is he apparently performing? To get you going: the photo was of course taken on the occasion of an opera conducted by Furtwängler, and after the War.

If you are a member of the SWF and you have a solution, send an email to before 19 December, and the first person to provide the correct answer will receive the following discs (Christmas presents!):
Bruckner’s Ninth (SWF 041), the Schubert CD (SWF 973) and the Lucerne double CD (SWF 961-62).

15 December 2018

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