Furtwängler and Reger

A deficiency in the Furtwängler discography is that we don’t have a single composition of Reger from his baton. It’s true that he did not conduct a note of Reger after his return to the podium in 1947. And even being optimistic, only the Variations on a theme of J A Hiller, which featured in the programme of a concert in Berlin in January 1943 (which also included Franck's Symphonic Variations with the young Geza Anda), stand even a slight chance of returning from the void.

And yet, without claiming to be a Reger enthusiast, Furtwängler still supported him, programming his music some 70 times! To shed more light on this, the SWF has published a brief study by Stéphane Topakian, listing his performances of Reger’s works and suggesting an approach to the relationship between the two musicians.

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5 March 2018

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