First podcast coming up?

As we have already said, it becomes very complicated to organise lectures in Paris, given the costs of the halls and current time-tables. In addition, and for a long time now, we are well aware that this concerns solely members who live in the region...

One way to mitigate these inconveniences is to create a podcast, addressed to all members, notably by offering an English translation of the spoken contributions. The SWF is working at what could be its first podcast: the ‘pilot’ is currently being prepared so that it can soon be tested by the governing body.

The subject: Furtwängler at the Festival of Görlitz, conjuring up through sound (and image) the contributions of the conductor and his Berliner in the ‘Musical Celebrations in Silesia’ of 1925, 1928 and 1931.

19 January 2019

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