Arithmetical operation

(Sibelius + Beethoven) - (Schubert + Ravel + Wagner) = Pfitzner

We had already pointed out the programme changes that litter in joyous disorder the concert lists of Furtwängler. Here is one that made almost complete nonsense of a poster.

For his concert of March 1944 at the head of the Vienna Philharmonic, the pre-programme at the start of the season announced: Sibelius, Suite Karelia – Pfitzner, Symphony op. 46 – Beethoven, Symphony No 7.

The subscribers — happy or frustrated? — were in fact regaled with: Schubert, Symphony No 8 – Pfitzner, Symphony op. 46 – Ravel, Daphnis & Chloé (suite No 2) – Wagner, Overture to Tannhäuser.

At least Pfitzner’s fans could say ‘phew’!

25 June 2019

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