The Essentials

As you know, an association like ours exists only because of you.

For the present our main objective is to ensure the 50th anniversary of the SWF is a great success. This success will only be possible with your help and your support.

Nearly a month ago we set up a fundraising plan with ‘kisskissbankbank’. To date, there has been no activity in connection with it, which is a pity. We have reached less than 20% of the intended figure.

We would like to remind you that a reduction of 60% of the sum donated can be included on your tax return and that for every sum there are compensations.

Also, do not hesitate to send the link to your circle of acquaintances. The Management Committee is always available to answer any questions you may have about the fundraising.

In advance please accept our thanks for your contribution to the success of the fundraising and the 50th anniversary.

The Board


29 March 2019

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