General meeting

The ordinary General Meeting of the SWF will be held on 19 October next at 4.30 pm at the Centre Universitaire Malesherbes, 108 bd Malesherbes, Paris. You will find the invitation, together with the agenda and a reply-coupon in the rubric Invitations and minutes of our site.

A new feature: there is no longer any need to send in a reply-coupon. An electronic form will enable you to reply to the matter of your presence or of giving procuration to someone else if you are not able to attend. This form will also be found on the page 'Invitations and minutes'.

As already announced, this General Meeting of the fiftieth anniversary will be followed by a concert in the Salle Cortot, right next to the venue for our AGM. Read the information about this concert

NB: As the Centre Malesherbes is a public establishment, access to it is controlled, and we warmly recommend you send in the reply-coupon in order to facilitate entrance.


27 September 2019

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