Each day is different

A month ago we published a facsimile of the programme for the Berlin Philharmonic’s concert in Essen on 11 May 1951, the penultimate performance of their tour which ended the next day in Münster. One might have hoped for some rest for Furtwängler, who had been on the road for more than a month! But not a bit of it; he went on to give a subscription concert with the Vienna Philharmonic on the 19th and 20th of the same month. The facsimile can be seen here.

And don’t imagine that this is an unadventurous programme. It certainly includes Beethoven’s Fifth, but this is preceded by Walton’s Scapino Overture and Franck’s Symphony in D!

The microphones seen in the photo above, taken on 19 May, broadcast the concert, but the radio station, Rot-Weiss-Rot, does not seem to have preserved it...

19 October 2019

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