A new season

We could have ended the 22-23 season with the sad news of Sami Habra's passing. Let's close it by announcing a rather rich new season to come, which our friend would not have disavowed.

The Board recently had the pleasure of welcoming the President of the German Furtwängler Society, Helge Grünewald, with whom we will be forging closer links, pooling our resources. Further details will be announced in September.

Mid-September will mark the release of our new digital product, featuring recordings from Stockholm Radio, and in particular Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (Stockholm, December 1943). Often neglected, it hides many secrets, revealed at last by the release of high-definition files provided by the Swedish Radio.

We will also be launching our YouTube channel and a "streaming" platform, which will gradually include all our products, even those that are currently out of stock. Here too, more details to come in late August/early September.

We wish you a wonderful summer.

13 July 2023

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