A busy summer

For the SWF Board, the summer will be a productive one. Let's take a look at our holiday homework:

- Preparations for the Annual General Meeting in November ;

- Upcoming digital product releases for September, November and December, featuring Schumann, Wagner, Haydn, Sibelius, Strauss... In particular, the product to be released on 20 September will be a real event. We'll tell you more at the end of August...

- The publication of some fifteen Furtwängler concert programmes, which have just been acquired by the SWF and which will gradually be added to the "Get the programme" page;

- Preparation of our future audiovisual podcasts;

- An update of our streaming platform.

In any case, there's one less thing to worry about: storing our old physical products. As we've already mentioned, this belongs to the past, as our box is now empty and closed...

5 July 2024

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