We need every one of you

As we announced a few weeks ago, the 19 October next will be our ‘Fiftieth Anniversary Day’, with notably a concert of chamber music, for which we have invited the Varian Fry Quartet, comprising young members of the Berlin Philharmonic.

As you can easily imagine the organisation of such an event is complex, and a heavy financial burden.

Consequently we have decided to resort to participatory- or crowd-funding, using the Kisskissbankbank platform. As you will see if you consult the site or the list below, in exchange for participation, we will give donors discs, and also concert seats or free membership (re)subscriptions.

We are examining the possibility of recording the concert and subsequently making it available for streaming, solely for our members.

As a fiftieth anniversary comes but once, this is a unique opportunity for requesting your collaboration and for counting on your generosity.

In advance, the management team thanks you for your support, whatever it may be.


- For 5 € and more: SWF thanks and registration of your name in the concert program and on the SWF website
- For 10 € and more: the same as for 5€ + sampler ‘4th Symphony’ of Beethoven published by the SWF
- For 20 € and more: the same as for 10€ + SWF 961-2 (Furtwängler in Lucerne)
- For 30 € and more: the same as for 20€ + SWF931 (Furtwängler in Stuttgart)
- For 50 € and more: the same as for 30€ + digipak SWF ’special 50th anniversary’
- For 70 € and more: the same as for 50 € + 2 tickets for the concert or 1 year membership
- For 100 € and more: the same as for 70 € + SWF 121-3 (Don Giovanni)
- For 125 € and more: the same as for 100 € + SWF 81-4 (Meistersinger set)
- For 150 € and more: the same as for 125 € + book ‘Gerard Gefen’
- For 200 € and more: the same as for 150 € + book ‘Elisabeth Furtwängler’

1 March 2019

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