Has the Furtwängler Centre of Japan read our article of January 4 about the publication of the Beethoven box set?

Still, the website of our Japanese counterpart announces the withdrawal of this product from sale, indicating the reason: Egmont would be a 'fake', which is not quite accurate. Actually this is the recording of the concert of 4 September 1953 in Munich, which we reissued on a compact disc in 1989 (see below). But the sound of the Japanese source is so poor that it was difficult to match it. Henning Smidth did it; thanks to him. Let us add that the cough of a female listener, present at the same time on both sources, completes the demonstration.

The box should come out again, but with the litigious recording removed.

Interested persons are invited to check out this new edition directly on the WFCJ website.

9 January 2023

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